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Polyferric Sulfate in Water treatment chemicals

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Place of Origin:
Guangxi China (Mainland)
Minimum Order Quantity:
60 Ton/Tons
Yellow granules
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Guangxi Nanning Donghe Environmental Protection Technology Co., Ltd.
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  • Place of Origin: Guangxi China (Mainland)
  • Minimum Order Quantity: 60 Ton/Tons
  • Characters: Yellow granules
  • Payment Terms: L/C,T/T


1. Is a new generation of inorganic polymer flocculants
2. Executive standard: GB14591-93

First, the properties and uses:

        PFS is a new high efficiency inorganic polymer flocculant. Solid as a light yellow powder. Solid product has strong hygroscopicity. Poly iron pool performance, chemical stability, settlement rate. For a wide range of PH value and can be widely used for drinking water, industrial water, industrial wastewater, urban sewage purification.


1 new, high quality, efficient water purifying agent of iron salts, inorganic polymer,

2, the coagulation performance, alum dense, fast settling velocity:

3, good water purification, water quality is good, give up aluminum, chlorine and heavy metals and other harmful substances, there is no transfer of iron ions in aqueous, non-toxic and harmless, safe and reliable.

4, with significant bleaching, deodorization, dehydration, oil, sterilization, removal of heavy metal ions, radioactive substances and carcinogens, and other power, for COD, BOD and color removal rate of up to 90%.

5, PH value of water bodies to adapt to wide range of 4-1.1, the best range of PH value of 6.9, purified water, PH value and the total alkaloids of small amplitude, less corrosive to the processing equipment.

6, the micro-pollution, including algae, low temperature and turbidity of raw water purification significant treatment effect:

7, the high turbidity of water purification is a plus.

Second, technical indicators

   The product performance standards: "Purifying PFS" GB14591-93 standard

Item Index Type

Itype (LPFS)

IItype (SPFS)

Density,g/cm3(20 °C)>



Total iron content,% ≥



Fe2 + content,% ≤



Salt-based degree,%



PH (1% water solutions)



Arsenic (As) content,% ≤



Lead (Pb) content,% ≤



Insoluble matter,% ≤



Third, the use of

1, before use, will gather at a certain concentration of iron (10-30%) voted eight-soluble sulfate pool, eight water injection so that the full hydrolysis of stirring, standing to the reddish brown liquid, and then diluted to the desired concentration Duishui dosing coagulation. 2-5% of water can also be dubbed in Canadian direct investment, industrial wastewater treatment 5-10% of direct dubbed dosing.

2, the determination of dosage, according to the nature of the raw water burn through debugging or experimental production as determined amount of alum formed. The original water system can be used as a reference dose of other drugs in the same condition of the product and lower the amount of solid polymer aluminum oxide, aluminum oxide is a solid aggregate amount of 1/3-1/4. If the original use of the liquid products, can be calculated according to the discretion of the appropriate reagent concentration.

3, when used, will be the preparation of a good liquid, pumped into the measuring tank, through the measurement of liquid and adding the raw water coagulation.

4, in general, use the date of the date of preparation, dispensing needs of water, little sediment is normal.

5, note the three stages of coagulation process conditions and the formation of alum water conditions.

6, enhanced filtration, the main filter layer structure is reasonable and the selection of filter aid to improve the removal rate of high-filter, which is an important measure to improve water quality.

7, poly iron used in environmental protection, industrial wastewater treatment, water use and the system much the same, the high color, high COD, BOD, the raw water treatment, combined with very good additive effect.

8, the use of chemical coagulation of the factories and mines, the original equipment used in the transformation without the need for large, just an additional pool of dissolved alum to use this product.

9, poly iron must be dissolved before use, dissolve drug equipment and processing equipment should be corrosion-resistant materials


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